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			October,26th 2017 Asia e-Learning Forum

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Asia e-Learning Forum

We share the understanding that e-Learning should be the one of the most important key paradigms to make sure the sustaining progress of Asian counties and welfare of the Asian people in the 21 century.


With the accelerating globalization throughout Asia, as the economy is rapidly growing in China, Korea, and other Asian countries, large-scale changes are taking place in and around “education” and its related areas. One of the most outstanding and groundbreaking trend is the Open Courseware and MOOCs that started in USA and spreading worldwide. The movement is changing the entire scope of higher education. Further, the concept of the "flipped classroom" literally recreates the conventional procedure of teaching and learning. This idea is gradually being disseminated in elearning as well. In the Asia e-Learning Forum 2017, we will invite intellectual leaders and e-learning vendors from Asian countries, to hold a convention for exchanging cutting-edge information between Asian professionals. We will also host all the sessions in an open style in order to involve a large number of audiences in an interactive conference. We are planning to expand the scope of participating countries including China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and so on. We are sincerely looking forward to your attendance.


We all realized that we do our effort to expand this year’s frame work continuously and contribute to create Asian community to get many persons together. Mutual understanding and information sharing among Asian countries are indispensable to promote the sound development and the effective applications of e-Learning and construction of the learning environment to support sustainable growth for self-realization of people, and the place for communication is required for the sake.

image of Japan e-Learning Forum

Japan e-Learning Award forum is the largest
educational technology event in Japan.

Recently, the global world is committing effort to utilize and create new knowledge information on the basis of the up to date information technology. In particular, educational contents combined with information technology and smart educational environment will inspire each filed to cultivate creative human resources for the bright future. Based on this trend, as a leading country of e-Learning, Japan has dedicated to create innovative science such as network, contents, and machinery with the world.

image of Japan e-Learning Awards 2016


By promoting the growth academic study and technology related to e-learning, the e-Learning Initiative Japan institute aims to contribute to the development of e-learning business by concurrently conducting various endeavors to contribute to its purpose.

General Information

Title e-Learning Award 2017 Forum
Date 25 October 2017, 9:00am to 18:00pm
26 October 2017, 9:00am to 18:00pm
27 October 2017, 9:00am to 18:00pm
Venue OCHANOMIZU SolaCity conference center, TOKYO.
Hosted by Ministry of Education, culture, sports, science and technology Japan Ministry of Economy, trade and industry Ministry of internal affairs and communications Ministry of health, labor and welfare
Topics Big Data & analytics / Teaching and learning solutions / Learning games / Educational contents / eLearning / Video conferencing / Robotics, STEM, and coding / Simulation and modelling / School management services / Student management systems / Student and Teacher communication solutions / Professional Development for trainers, lecturers, facilitators, and teachers


Japan e-Learning Award 2017 Forum will be consisted of various events including an expo, conference, business meeting, business matching, and contests of top educational technology service.

Business industry leaders from various field such as e-Learning experts, education decision makers, and hands-on workers will participate to Japan eLearning Award 2017 Forum.

What is the Japan e-Learning Award forum ?

Walking around the exhibition is a hugely valuable part of the Japan e-Learning Award Forum experience. We know that technology changing so rapidly, and some concepts difficult to visualize, so how do you keep up?

If the sessions are where the theory, learning, and inspiration happens, then the exhibitions are where the testing, networking, and product interaction happens.

This is one of the opportunity to ask questions, and compare suppliers and test new services or products. You can look around our exhibitors have the ideas and solutions that you are looking for. You can use all five senses to evaluate products and services.

Japan e-Learning Award Forum is the largest expo in Japan. You do not need to business travel overseas to see the latest advancements.

image of Japan e-Learning Award forum

Why will you see ?

  • Teaching, Learning solutions and Training
  • Educational content and media
  • Learning Games and Apps
  • Video conferencing
  • Big Data and analytics
  • Mobile Devices and Smartphones
  • Robotics, STEM, coding
  • Telecommunications
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Special Education Needs
  • School management solutions
  • Facilities management services
  • Professional Development for teachers
  • Student management systems
  • Access Control and Warning systems
  • Learning Spaces

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